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Meet Kait

Growing up I have always found a passion in helping people. Whether that meant helping great grandparents at a young age or going to college to pursue a career in Nursing, I always found myself caring so much for others around me - and I'm assuming that's what led you here right??

But FIRST.. a little bit about me. My name is Kait - I am a 23 year old kitten mommy & college grad who went full time girl boss just over a year ago after working full time as a bartender / waitress and working 3 different medical positions.

Let's bring it back about 4 years when I was a struggling student just trying to find my purpose in life - I went to school because I felt like I had to and at the time was working 3 different part time jobs. From working in the hospital as a medical assistant, unit secretary & patient care tech, I was for sure grabbing at every opportunity I had to further my experience! Believe me, it did help with school BUT was this all truly making me happy?? QUESTION OF THE DAY!

Aside from school, in August 2015, I saw a post on social media about an opportunity to join a team of boss babes who were on their way to a life of freedom. This post that scrolled across my timeline was from a girl who was creating this lifestyle for herself and I became so interested in the opportunity! Building a BIZ from home just from working out every day, eating healthy (80/20 LIFESTYLE of course) and to change the lives of others. At the time I was a struggling college student and don't get me wrong, I loved the idea of making some extra money on the side but it wasn't until I truly wanted to change my life that I could give my all in helping others.

A year went by with constant struggles and in December 2016 I decided I wanted this whole healthy lifestyle for myself so bad that I dove right in and gave it my all. I started drinking these superfoods shakes full of dense nutrition that made me feel amazing, they helped my migraines which I have suffered from since a young age and I also started to workout every day! The feeling was AHHHMAZING! You never realize how much taking care of your body really does for you!

Then the live events came where us coaches traveled all over to meet up, talk about the BIZ, go through trainings, live workouts, and then the partying came of course! But the one thing that I truly valued from all of this was even though these girls lived all over the country, each and every one of them had a common goal. TO CHANGE LIVES! These girls became so much more than co-workers. FAMILY! Lifelong best friends that I will have and cherish the rest of my life.

Then the struggles started to hit me. After graduation in May 2017, I went right back to school to finish my nursing degree and TBH I was miserable. I wasn't doing it for me, and was trying to please all of my family and loved ones. My parents and my sister (who is literally my other half) mean the world to me and I felt that if I didn't go back to school I was just letting everyone down. But in a way, I was letting myself down pushing myself to do something that was putting me into such a depressive state. This whole experience took a toll on my social life, damaged close relationships, and I was the only one stopping myself from turning my life around. The whole coaching life that I was getting a part time glimpse of for the past year was taking over my brain and I wanted that #GIRLBOSS life for myself SO BAD that I needed to make some decisions.

And that is when I made one of the biggest decisions of my lift - to withdraw from Nursing School. At that point, I truly believed it wasn't meant to be and I needed to find my happiness elsewhere. And that's honestly where everything changed.

So here I am! Building my BIZ, changing lives, and still helping others - just in a different way! Even though my path wasn't nursing, right now I get to inspire others in a way where I get to improve MY LIFE at the same time. I want to create a life of nothing but happiness for myself and want to give that back to others looking to find their PURPOSE in life as well.

And from here on out I get to carry and build my TRIBE of boss babes to a life full of nothing but POSITIVITY! That is when Team Infinity happened. I want nothing more for other babes out there to realize their full potential in life and to realize that there is so much out there in life that opportunities are endless. You want something bad enough, then you will do whatever it takes to make those goals and dreams happen.


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