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The Infinity Boutique

Growing up, I was surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs who had a passion for health & wellness. My mom always raised me using holistic alternatives to medicine and between her all natural handmade aromatherapy products, essential oils, and being a Reiki Master /Practitioner / Teacher, I was thankful whenever I needed some extra healing in my life. When I was 10 years old she taught me all the ins and out to her business and I secretly tell myself that since then I was always destined to own my own business and be my own boss. I created my own jewelry line that included magnetic bracelets and for years that is what supported me throughout my youth. Then life as we know it happened and that hobby of mine slowly slipped away.

I always had this idea of owning my own boutique ever since, and have always joked around with my mom saying “one day we will have a shop of our own” and then this idea just hit me. Why not combine both my passions for health & wellness with this fashion boutique idea and there came the idea for The Infinity Boutique. As most of you may know, my tribe of boss babes in the coaching world is Team Infinity and the motto behind that “Opportunities are Endless” really sparked this amazing idea for me that if you want something bad enough, if you’re a dreamer, opportunities are endless and like I always tell my babes, you just have to go for those dreams and never stop! So here I am, going for it, and not letting anything get in my way!

The Infinity Boutique will be filled with motivational swag, apparel, accessories, jewelry, a variety of products to support the inner girl boss hustle we all have (handmade by yours truly of course) and new products will be added monthly so stay tuned!

AND of course I can’t forget to shout out my mom who after years of running this “side biz” she now runs her own business full time and Heavenly Hollow is full of her aromatherapy products, Reiki Services (where she also teaches classes), essential oils, and a variety of healing stones and crystals. BUT that doesn't stop there. My sister also followed in the entrepreneur footsteps as a Licensed Cosmetologist and Eyelash Extension Artist. When I post about finding yourself a lash girl, I totally mean it because that girl always has me looking FLAWLESS.

All of our entrepreneur journeys continue in the field of health, wellness, and all natural healing! SO BLESSED to have such an amazing supportive family in all areas!


The Infinity Boutique

Opportunities Are Endless


 For all of your inner girl boss motivational needs, a wide variety of items will be available from infinity branded apparel, motivational boss babe swag, accessories, jewelry, and much more!

Check it all out on Etsy! Items will soon be available here as well!


Holistic Healing & Aromatherapy

We at Heavenly Hollow are devoted to products that both comfort and promote natural healing.

Our Holistic Herbal Packs, Reiki Healing & BioMat Services promote the natural healing of Mind, Body & Spirit - we understand the importance of infusing natural, double-inexpensive "pods of quality relaxation & self-care" throughout ones day. 

Healing Energy and Reiki Sessions, Biomat Session and Integrated Energy in the Upstate New York, Capital District, Albany, Troy, Schenectady , Averill Park, Lanesborough, Hancock, Williamstown, MA,NY.    

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Eyelash Extensions

Feeling More Glamorous Than You Thought Possible?

Eyelash extensions accomplish what mascara cannot, no matter how thick and voluminous the formula is. You look like you were born with the thickest, fullest, most perfectly curled lashes. There are no clumps, and they’re perfectly tapered from root to tips. And the best part is that you look that way 24 hours a day!  Full mink eyelash extensions Sets 85.00! Eyelash Extensions Troy, Albany, Latham, Averill Park NY Schenectady, Lanesborough, Hancock, Williamstown, MA, NY.