Kait Walsh Fitness


Here comes the fun part!


When you join Team Infinity the biggest perk of the entire experience is the live events and free vacations! YES you have the potential to earn free all inclusive vacations as a coach! It's not always about strict diets and work conferences! Broccoli and chicken DOES NOT consume our lives. We get to party it up & enjoy ourselves just like every other human in the world! MODERATION!

Nothing will fuel your fire like a live workout event with one of our celebrity super trainers and listening to success stories from top coaches in company who have transformed their lives. A lot of networking, training sessions, and then the partying and team bonding comes along the way of course! Some of the trips I've been able to enjoy and experience from becoming a coach include team retreats to Keuka Lake, the beautiful Berkshires, Ocean City MD, attending live events in Syracuse and Albany NY. Spending a week in New Orleans with over 20,000 coaches in the network for my first coach summit and then my second in Indianapolis Indiana. Earning an all inclusive VACA to Riviera Maya Mexico & so many more to come! Shall I continue?? Sounds like an amazing job to me!